Wynonna Earp - Season 2 Episode 1 Review

Wynonna Earp Review: 62 Revenants & Counting

Let me start by saying, Wynonna Earp turned out to be a pleasant surprise for me last season. I wasn’t expecting to get hooked by the pilot.

When I first heard about this show, Syfy had just cancelled Dominion (which I loved) so I was slightly peeved there was another series about a demon hunter on the way. Couldn’t they have simply given us one final season of Dominion to wrap up the lingering cliffhangers? Needless to say, I went into Wynonna Earp a tad bitter, but the cast and story won me over in no time. Actually, by the end of the first hour. Watching the Season 2 premiere felt like getting reacquainted with some old friends. Even though, Waverly is not exactly herself these days.

Wynonna Earp - Season 2 Episode 1 Review
Courtesy of Syfy
Since other paranormal creatures can now enter the Ghost Triangle, Wynonna’s got her work cut out for her. That nasty monster that ate Doc’s hat was a perfect example. Melanie Scrofano has such an infectious charisma, I can’t imagine anyone else playing the role. My one worry this season is, “Revenant” hunting kept the story focused on demons killed by Wyatt Earp. I realize there are still 62 Revenants out there, but will the format be more “monster of the week” rather than overarching mythology this time around? There’s nothing wrong with switching up the formula, mind you. I just happen to love serialized storytelling and the Wyatt Earp angle was so darn interesting.

Anyway I love this cast (and showrunner Emily Andras) so damn much, that I’m willing to just go along for the ride. I trust that all the pieces will ultimately come together. We may not have a “Bobo Del Rey” baddie this season, but Waverly’s little situation might make her our main antagonist… which could prove fun.

Even though I couldn’t picture it, the Dolls (Shamier Anderson) crossdressing comment was a trip. I certainly wasn’t expecting that kickass fight scene. Did you see what’s her name walk across the wall? What?!? Sheeeeiiiit that was cool! My first thought was that Eliza (Rachel Skarsten) wasn’t who she claimed to be. Sure, Dolls recognized her name later on, but were they a “thing” or was she in that hotel room tracking him down as a double agent? Of course, we eventually learned she knew his secret because she was a Black Badge hybrid too. I really liked this new character, so naturally they eliminated her way early. Couldn’t you have given us a handful of episodes with Eliza, Andras? Ugh!

Wynonna Earp - Season 2 Episode 1 Review
Courtesy of Syfy
It was interesting that “Waves” tasted different to Officer Haught, right? I’m betting Nicole will be the first person to figure out Waverly is possessed. What do you think? How long before the gang catches on in order to exorcise that demon? Regardless, the Earp sisterly relationship is probably my favorite part of this show. I’m glad it appears Waverly is not just plain evil, rather more like schizophrenic. That scene with the ax was pretty freaky, but it did seem she can control it. No? Is Waverly aware of what’s happening to her?

Dominique Provost-Chalkley’s Scotland Yard scene was brilliant. Any opportunity for her to use her real British accent is alright by me. Funny that Officer Haught mocked her. Ha! Though I wasn’t expecting the Black Badge lab tech to cooperate, Waves was clearly barking up the wrong tree. The fact she somehow tamed that Soul Devourer has got to raise questions now that Jeremy is sticking around. I know, I know he didn’t see her eyes… but still. I’ll be honest, I would have preferred Eliza join the party than Jeremy, but I’m not a writer on the show.

Ultimately rescuing Dolls fell to Doc, and it was hilarious that the Deputy Marshal questioned his missing hat. Tim Rozon’s head did look completely naked without it, didn’t he? As with Scrofano, Rozon is so freakin’ good in this role… he absolutely is Doc Holliday to me now. Val Kilmer who? I’m glad it didn’t take several episodes to rescue Dolls, the team has plenty of other supernatural things to worry about. Where will he end up though? He can’t go to far after all.

Yeah, it sucked big time that we hardly got a chance to know Eliza, but the gang is officially Black Badge now. What exactly did our heroes sign in blood? Was it a simple contract?

WYNONNA EARP -- Season 2
Courtesy of Syfy
Wynonna made it clear in the closing moments, it’s all about killing demons… Revenants or otherwise. Black Badge is merely a nuisance they’ve got to put up with. So much time passes between seasons, you forget the little details. I can’t recall if Constance Clootie met her end last year. Was that the Stone Witch triggering that explosion? If you can, refresh my memory.

Closing Thoughts…

It’s kickass to see all the familiar faces of a show you love back for more thrills and spills. As I mentioned at the top, this series was a nice surprise and I’m sure this latest run will surpass the madness our heroes dealt with last season. I mean, it’s not just Revenants anymore you guys. Will Wynonna and her team play nice with Black Badge? Dolls left Wynonna that mystery key, but what’s it for? Will he rejoin the fight? By the way, they haven’t mentioned what exactly Dolls is, right? It’s a shame he hasn’t trusted Wynonna enough to share his secret. She now knows that Doc has some insight into the situation. I’m not going to try and guess where this season is headed, but I’m sure it’s going to be quite a wild ride. Share your thoughts on the premiere below!

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10/9c on Syfy