The Strain - Season 4

The Strain: Official Trailer for the Final Chapter

Once the most reviled child character on television kicked off a nuclear apocalypse, we knew The Strain’s days were numbered.

Though the series started off strong in July 13, 2014, it quickly devolved into a chaotic mess of vampire tropes with characters that have absolutely no common sense, despite the fact they’re scientists and billionaires. Actually, come to think of it… we know of at least one billionaire that doesn’t demonstrate an inkling of common sense, but that’s for another post. While the series has always be visually stunning with cinematography worthy of major motion pictures and killer VFX, the sluggish plot lines and changes from the books have frustrated long time fans of Del Toro/Hogan’s text. The creative team and FX made the right decision to end the series with Season 4.

With the strigoi taking control and establishing its new Nazi regime, this final season will definitely be different from what came before. Whether you love the show or love to hate-watch it, one thing’s for certain, the terrific cast is in for a world of hurt this year. Who will survive until the end? Do we even care about characters like Eph and Zack Goodweather enough to give a damn? Will Setrakian turn? Tune in for The Strain’s last ten episodes starting July 16 on FX.

Here is FX’s official description for the new season…

As the final season begins, nine months have passed. The world has fallen into darkness, and the strigoi are in control. The explosion at the end of season three triggered a global nuclear apocalypse. The resulting nuclear winter liberated the strigoi allowing them to move about during daytime, and enabling the Master to establish a totalitarian regime. Preying on the fears of the populace, the Master and his minions have created an unsettling alliance in “The Partnership.”

The majority of humans are now working for the strigoi, operating with a single understanding – collaborate or die. With the world in disarray and our heroes disbanded, each of them will have to overcome personal hardship and defy death for even the smallest chance at fighting back. All the while, the Master reigns supreme, furthering his scheme for the end of the world as we know it.

In the face of annihilation… do our heroes have what it takes to save humankind?

The final chapter of The Strain premieres Sunday, 7/16 on FX.

  • Matthew Drummey

    I’ve always loved the show, my only real gripe with last season was the way they handled Zach, locking him away in a dank cell for basically the entire season then teasing that he’d finally figured out his mother was gone and not coming back just to have to detonate a freakin nuclear bomb! For what? His father killed his homicidal vampire mother? And then he just walks off like he didn’t set off the apocalypse!

    It was just such a waste in my opinion, at least give him a reason: Still in denial about his mother, witnesses father kill mother, something like that. I mean if you’re going to be a sociopathic little
    F***** at least have a believable reason.

  • Matthew Drummey

    But I also never read the books so I can’t make the comparison that so many fans have that effectively ruin the show.