12 Monkeys Season 3 Episode 7 Review

12 Monkeys Ep307 Review: Family Is Everything

The second half of 12 Monkeys’ Nature/Nurture two-parter began to cast some doubt on just how evil baby Witness was. He was certainly no Damien, even demonstrating affection for his kind Guardian/teacher.

The kid’s room totally reminded me of Jennifer’s, am I right? It’s got to suck being Primary. Drawing the same damn images over and over, without fully comprehending their meaning. Jones’ speech was pretty damn heavy. The vibe was terribly somber in that opening, and you could tell straight away that friend would stand against friend before the hour was through. I mean, just that “unknown origin” comment caused Cole and Cassie to exchange suspicious glances. The question remained, was this little terror worth saving or should that one life be snuffed out to save seven billion? We seriously are stuck in a loop here, aren’t we? Still, the boy’s parents had had a change of heart. Despite the fact the Witness kept drawing his father point a gun at him.

12 MONKEYS -- "Nuture" Episode 307
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Odd that no one noticed how uncharacteristically quiet both Cole and Cassie were during the briefing. Well, maybe Deacon picked up on it. What alternate plan were the two dreaming up? He had a point, whenever the duo made any real progress it was them working together. I didn’t expect Cassie to stay behind, and wondered why she finally shared the story of her mother. Now, of course, I realize her plan was to spend a few stolen moments with the woman. It was nice of Jones to agree to this side trip. Still, Cassie’s decision forced Cole to go in alone and attempt to kill their son once and for all.

The mission was to visit Raritan National Lab in 1953 and swipe an EMP which would keep the Guardians from zipping about. That should make it easy enough to eliminate the target. Had everyone been on the same page, of course. Cole’s long glance at Cassie before splintering might have given the game away. Anyone else feel like Jones understood what Deacon was talking about in that moment?

Jennifer got her flirt on, though her game started off totally awkward. How hard could it be to get that science nerd to open up about his 9 to 5 job? Geek’s love to gab, trust me. 😉 It didn’t take Cole long to snatch up the device and confess he was ready to finish this.

In 1990, Cassie met with her mother. As it turned out, she was looking for her mother’s psychological profile of the Witness. Her initial thoughts were that the individual was exceptional, damaged and incredibly uncertain. Cassie’s mother said exactly what she was hoping to hear, that the Witness might have been made to be that way. Therefore, the Guardians were molding the boy into the savior they needed him to be. If that’s the case, who’s to say Cassie and Cole could not change him by killing the Guardians and raising the boy themselves? I found it interesting that one of the Guardians was shaping the boy in a positive way. Magdalena was pissed, so you knew the other Guardian was doing something right. All the pieces seemed to be falling into place. However, Cole was unaware of the conversation Cassie had with her mother. Would he shoot the boy point blank? Cassie and her mom’s time together was profound and emotional. What a shame it was so brief, you know?

In my previous review, I mentioned the Witness appeared to be in control. However, before that deadly first gathering of the faithful, we got a chance to see the boy refusing to go through with it. Magdalena really was “nurturing” his eventual villainous turn. She was desensitizing the boy. This new information was a game changer. We’ve been so used to thinking of the Witness as evil, we never considered the lost little boy’s feelings. Perhaps Cassie and Cole could change the boy’s fate, by raising him with love and compassion. Now, how would Cassie reach Cole to clue him in?

I loved that Jennifer reminded Cole that although she was destined to release the virus, someone showed her a better way. Causality’s fool can be so wise sometimes. The same could absolutely be done for Cole and Cassie’s son. Are we headed toward a redemption arc here?

12 MONKEYS -- "Nuture" Episode 307
Courtesy of Syfy
Where the heck was Jones splintering off to? I should have guessed she’d eavesdropped on Ramse informing Cole his son’s the Witness. Yeah, Cassie returned from her side trip to a very different and peeved Jones. Yup, a fully enlightened Jones. Good thing that spare splinter vest was within her reach, right?

12 MONKEYS -- "Nuture" Episode 307
Courtesy of Syfy
Ultimately, the splinter suits were disabled and Cole came face to face with his son. He looked in the kid’s eyes and couldn’t pull the trigger. The season has three more hours after this one, so clearly the boy had to escape. How about Cassie and Magdalena’s final showdown? I was thrilled Cassie was the one to end her, and courtesy of the splinter vest too. Yesssssss!

With only the kindest of the Guardians left, does that mean Athan’s destiny is already changing? Cole and Cassie are now united in purpose. They’ve got to save their son from their own friends. Crazy right?

Closing Thoughts…

“Never give up on family” Cassie’s mom advised her. Now that Jones realized the entire mission had been about them, will the team attempt to kill Cole, Cassie and Athan? Just when you think things couldn’t get any more complicated, the writers throw another juicy twist our way. Though this two-parter was more of a deep-dive into the past of the Monkeys and the development of the Witness, it also set up the final three hours of the season. Cole and Cassie must locate their son, to either save his soul or end his life. If they redeem our antagonist, as Cassie mentioned there would be no plague and she’d never meet Cole… hence no Witness. Yet, if they kill him as a young boy isn’t the outcome the same? Ah the intricacies of time travel.

So, how do you see things playing out dear reader? If you had to wager a guess, would you say Cole and Cassie save their son or kill him? Are they willing to give up their love for one another and their family? Cassie’s mother warned her to never give up on family. If you’ve got any theories, I’d love to hear them. Sound off in the comments below!

12 Monkeys Season 3 premieres over 3 consecutive nights Friday, May 19 to Sunday, May 21 from 8-11/7-10c