12 Monkeys Season 3 Episode 5 Review

12 Monkeys Ep305 Review: Turnin’ Back Time to the 80s

Well, congratulations you’ve hit the halfway mark of Syfy’s 12 Monkeys Season 3 binge. Trust me, it only gets better from here!

The series is generally so heavy and dark, that sometimes it’s just nice to kick back and have some fun. You know, enjoy the wackiness that was the 1980s. I mean, just look at Jennifer’s “costume ideas”… James McFly, Teddy Crockett, Jennifer Lauper and Cassie’s rockin’ the big hair with scrunchie. It was perfection!

Before we got to the 80s, however, there was a serious moment between Cole and Cassie where he shared Ramse’s fate due to his brother’s plan. The glances between the two during the briefing was all we needed to realize they were about to go rogue. I mean, flat out lying to Jones and the others was not good. The question remains, if their son is destined to destroy time what makes Cassie and Cole think they can change him? Had he grown up with loving parents, who knows? However, it all comes down to nature versus nurture and at the moment he’s being taught by Guardians.

12 MONKEYS -- "Causality" Episode 305
Courtesy of Syfy
Jones kept asking about the identity or origin of the Witness, and Cassie denied any knowledge. That means, when everyone does eventually find out he’s their son, it’s going to pit friend against friend. Half the team fighting to save the Witness, while the others want him dead. Any idea at this point how things will play out? I’ll admit, I had my guesses but none of them proved correct. That’s part of the beauty of this show, the writers somehow still manage to surprise us with their clever twist and turns.

I liked that Cole and Cassie came to an understanding with Olivia. After all, she knew the identity of the Witness and could easily blow their cover. “The three of us are now unified in purpose” she told them. Still, how long before she spills the beans and lets Jones know the identity of the Witness?

12 MONKEYS -- "Causality" Episode 305
Courtesy of Syfy
Anyway, this latest adventure began taking shape as Jennifer explained the Word of the Witness map would help pinpoint his whereabouts. How brilliant was Alisen Down’s take on Emily Hampshire doing Jennifer Goines? Whoa! That sequence was our first hint we were in for something special in 1989. An old-school heist baby! I was absolutely lovin’ Jennifer’s plan, though it did seem too “remarkably cogent” for her kooky mind. Would Ms. Goines run into her younger-self? She did mention paradoxes up the wazoo. So, steal the map and copy it but replace it in the back of the painting before Olivia’s original purchase. Sounds like one terrifically solid plan, even Jones was impressed.

However, Cole and Cassie’s involvement was written all over that map. Would they be able to get to the thing first, or was this how their cover would be blown? All I know, is I couldn’t wait to find out. This was going to be awesome!

Can you believe the creative team actually used Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time” for their trip to the 80s? Seriously, how perfect was that? I had a huge goofy smile on my face the entire time, you guys. From Jennifer posing as her mother, to the antique car bit with the guards, to going bid cray cray (hilarious)… it was comedic gold, seriously.

The quiet moment with Cassie and Cole in the antique car was important. I’m still wondering exactly how she remembered that timeline that Cole erased. Was it thanks to love? What are your theories dear reader? I thought Cassie losing her watch, only to find it in the car in the next scene was odd. What would happen if it wasn’t there when Cole found her corpse? Was it meant to remind us that Cole is a good guy deep inside, or am I reading too much into it?

How cool was it too see Leland Goines again? The guy’s an asshole no matter what timeline. Glad Deacon verbalized as much to his daughter. When little Jennifer appeared, I wondered if the two Jen’s would come face to face. Would they get that migraine like Cole did in Season 1 when he came too close to his younger self? Apparently not. Was it due to being Primary? There was a bit of a time quake when Leland touched Jennifer though. By the way, should Olivia have recognized Jennifer at all?

12 MONKEYS -- "Causality" Episode 305
Courtesy of Syfy
Eventually, the Scooby gang got what they came for copying the map and replacing it before Olivia got her hands on it. However, it was Jennifer that actually completed the task. What would happen to Cassie and Cole’s big secret now? I mean Jennifer clearly read, “Conceived out of time. The house of cedar and pine.” There goes the neighborhood, people.

Would Jennifer throw Cole and Cassie under the bus, revealing the origin of the Witness? Was their history truly there for all to see in the copies? I wanted to believe she would stick by her friends and trust their judgement. Then Jones spotted a hand blocking a section of the map. Yasssssss! Jennifer is the coolest, isn’t she? Cole and Cassie owe her big time!

Closing Thoughts…

This installment was a total blast! It had some great laughs, great music and a good old-fashioned burglary with timey-wimey elements thrown in. Over the years, I think the creative team have really found their groove with this show. They know when the action needs to peak, and when the audience needs a chance to decompress. Well, this was our lighthearted romp of the season because things are about to take a nasty turn. What secrets does 1953 hold now? Well, Christopher Lloyd for one. Magdalena brought a boy into a tent and Lloyd introduced Jack Fulton (the young Cole actor) as the Witness. Will Agent Gale join in on the 50s mission? Keep watching, because the next hour airs immediately after this. It’s a beautiful thing, truly.

12 Monkeys Season 3 premieres over 3 consecutive nights Friday, May 19 to Sunday, May 21 from 8-11/7-10c