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12 Monkeys Ep304 Review: Origin of the Witness

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That’s right, I’m the OTERO mentioned throughout the start of this episode! How frakkin’ cool is that, you guys?

I officially became an Easter egg when Terry Matalas named one of Deacon’s guys after me in 12 Monkeys Season 2. Well this year, the character resurfaced (off-screen at age 4) and my name even appeared on the side of the family’s bread truck. What?!? Aside from maybe playing an extra on the show, I can’t imagine a more kickass honor than being even a small part of 12 Monkeys history in this way. So, thank you very much Terry!

With a title like “Brothers,” you just knew we were in for an intense hour between Cole and Ramse. However, I can’t say I saw that ending coming. Yeah I’m getting ahead of myself, so let’s start at the top.

Cole was always the adventurous one, which left Ramse no choice but to play the big brother role. Over the years, we’ve gotten a good sense that even though the two aren’t blood, they’re family. When Cole noticed that Ramse wasn’t at the hotel, we all knew he was tracking The Mother. Boy was the shit going to hit the fan when Cole learned his real plan was to kill Cassie. I had a feeling he knew what Ramse was up to, but setting him up was badass. That was a close call at the hospital, eh? That poor random woman.

12 MONKEYS -- "Brothers" Episode 304
Courtesy of Syfy
Jennifer sleeping in the machine’s chair was a trip, but I’m assuming it also helped with those visions. Now she’s seeing a dying man on the floor and some type of crypt. Was it a sign Cole’s life’s in danger? Even Jones was instantly drawn to the image. Hmmm… I thought it was great when Jennifer confronted Olivia and told her to, “Stop talking like a supervillain.” She may be wackadoo, but she was totally on to Olivia. The Map of the Witness resurfaced, which should help piece together some of the lingering clues.

Back at Titan, Cassie and Deacon prepared their escape before the city jumped to who knows where. He was hurt that Cassie asked for Cole right away, just like Cole mentioned Cassie when he rescued Jennifer. It’s still weird to me that Cassie and Deacon hooked up last season. I mean, what if she got pregnant and their kid was the Witness? You never know, right?

Anyway, the duo fought their way to the exit while Mallick took out the final two acolytes. What’s that guy’s deal anyway? What is he hoping to gain from helping Cassie? If you’ve got any theories, I’d love to hear them in the comments below. So, once they had escaped Titan what was the next move? How would they get word to Cole and the others they were free? Seeing the Temporal Facility in ruins didn’t help one bit. Good thing Cole left a couple of Jones’ splinter injections behind for Cassie to find.

12 MONKEYS -- "Brothers" Episode 304
Courtesy of Syfy
While all signs pointed to Cole and Ramse facing off. I honestly didn’t expect Cole to kill his brother like that. Learning the truth about his son, the Witness, in that way must have caused a serious moral dilemma. Did this new knowledge instantly change Cole’s mission? How ironic that Ramse was now the one saying one life for seven billion. It’s easy when it’s not your kid, eh brother? Kirk Acevedo nailed his death scene. It was pretty emotional. Will Ramse pop up again in another timeline or is his cycle truly over? He didn’t want his death undone.

12 MONKEYS -- "Brothers" Episode 304
Courtesy of Syfy
Cole and Cassie were finally reunited at the end of the episode, but their glances to each other meant it was now them against the world. Armed with the knowledge that their son is the Witness, will Cole and Cassie attempt to redeem him, while all the others want him dead? Clearly that’s going to cause massive disagreements moving forward. Next up the gang travels to the 1980s, so it sounds like everyone’s still on the same page as far as tracking the Witness. Make sure to check back Saturday night for my Episode 305 “Causality” Review.

Closing Thoughts…

Aside from the thrill of seeing my name up on the screen, this installment was very much a cat and mouse thrill ride. There were plenty of twists to spare, and Ramse’s death was a shocker. Cassie and Deacon’s escape from Titan was a tad uneventful, though we’ve yet to figure out Mallick’s end game. Jennifer confronted Olivia and seems to have managed to get a few clues out of her. Though, Jennifer herself told us that Olivia is somehow always in control. Is it possible she was playing Jennifer all along? Do you think Cole and Cassie become united in purpose? I’d really love to read your thoughts, so please hit the comments section below…

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  • Kate Cummings

    Mallick does not seem like someone who has simply lost his faith and turned against the Witness on his own. He still seems very driven, very controlled. I would speculate he is faithful to someone else, perhaps Cassie or Cole or Jennifer? Some version of them that we have yet to see? Perhaps even some far distant version of the Witness himself, seeking to undo his past deeds.