Timeless: Un-Cancelled by NBC. Season 2 is a Go!

Timeless: UN-Cancelled by NBC. Season 2 is a Go!

Fans of Timeless had been mourning the loss of their favorite new show for a couple of days now. Well, NBC just reversed that awful decision and picked up the series for a second 10-episode run. You heard that right, Timeless has been UN-Cancelled.

Series Co-Creator Erik Kripke tweeted just a few minutes ago that, “The #TimeTeam went back 3 days, and changed history. @nbc picked us up for 10 episodes. Seriously. Airs next summer.” His partner in crime, Co-Creator Shawn Ryan confirmed the good news as well, “It’s true! NBC heard from the fans, went back in time and changed history! #Timeless is getting a Season 2! #TimelessResuscitated!”

The time travel drama had been at the top of several “Save Our Show” polls for months, and news of the cancellation caused an uproar on Twitter with #Timeless trending for hours. Apparently, the powers that be were paying attention and decided this was one of those rare instances where they got their initial decision wrong. This makes Timeless the sole surviving time travel show of the season, as Frequency, Time After Time and Making History were all recently axed. I took to Twitter upon hearing of the Timeless cancellation to thank Syfy for supporting 12 Monkeys and giving fans four wonderful seasons of that series. Well, now it’s up to us fans to show NBC that we appreciate their decision by supporting Timeless and tuning in LIVE next year. They threw us a bone guys, let’s not waste it.

How do you feel about this unexpected twist? Plan to watch next season LIVE?