Inhumans - First Photo and Teaser

Marvel’s Inhumans: First Photo & Teaser

Well, Marvel/ABC have kicked off the marketing campaign for Marvel’s Inhumans with a family photo, teaser art and video clip.

Inhumans - Teaser Art
Courtesy of ABC
So far, the internet’s reaction has been mixed. While some fans are simply thrilled the Royal Family is being brought to life looking very much like their comic book counterparts, others have been busy bashing Medusa (Serinda Swan)’s bright red wig. I will admit, the hair doesn’t look so hot, but we’ve got to keep in mind it will come alive via CGI. The end result will undoubtedly look very different from this early cast promo shot meant to tease the upcoming series.

Inhumans - Royal Family
Courtesy of ABC
Honestly, I’m much more worried that showrunner Scott Buck (Iron Fist) has confessed to knowing very little about the Marvel property. That’s far more troubling than the fact Medusa’s hair is a shade or two off. Though Netflix claimed Iron Fist broke viewing records, the show was widely panned by critics and fans alike. Personally, I was very disappointed in the storytelling and found Iron Fist to be the weakest of the Netflix/Marvel shows. Fingers crossed The Defenders helps redeem Danny Rand somewhat. Read more from Buck at

There’s not much to the teaser trailer, aside from “rumblings of treason in the city of Attilan.” Still, I have faith Marvel’s going to keep a watchful eye on this project and everything will work out in the end. As long as they give fans an interesting family drama with sweet visual effects, we geeks will be more than satisfied. Please don’t bore the crap out of us Scott Buck.

Do you plan to check out the first two episodes in IMAX? Are you super excited for this show, or cautiously optimistic? Share your thoughts below…

Marvel’s Inhumans’ first two episodes will premiere exclusively in IMAX┬« theaters for two-weeks beginning September 1, 2017. Then it will hit the ABC network, for its television run.