ONCE UPON A TIME – “Tougher Than the Rest”

Once Upon A Time Returns Tonight. Will Gideon confront Emma?

Once Upon A Time finally returns tonight with the second half of Season 6!

For those of you who may not be familiar with the show’s plot, it is basically a reimagining of fairytale characters in a modern day world. However, I would say that is a pretty broad overview of a very intricate show that has spawned so many individual trials and tribulations for our heroes over the last five years.

In the first half of Season 6 the main storyline revolved around Emma’s vision of her impending death at the hands of a mysterious cloaked figure. We learn that she is not the only Savior across realms when we meet Aladdin, but we further learn that all Saviors are doomed to their fate.

Our big bad for the first half of the season was the Evil Queen, who was split from Regina at the end of Season 5, and is out to destroy Snow White and Charming as usual. However, given that this half of the Evil Queen holds no remorse, she is successful in separating our favorite couple through a joint sleeping curse. In the mid-season finale we saw the Evil Queen seemingly defeated not by our heroes, but by the mysterious cloaked figure who we finally learn is Gideon, the adult son of Rumple and Belle!

What should we expect in the next half of the season? Well, hopefully some resolution to Snow and Charming’s predicament, and answers as to why Gideon is out to kill Emma. Will Emma overcome her doomed fate as a Savior?

Here is ABC’s official episode description…

“Tougher Than the Rest” – With Snow still asleep in Storybrooke, David and Hook race to stop Gideon before he can confront Emma. Meanwhile, Regina struggles with the realization that everyone, even Robin, is better off in the alternate world where the Evil Queen was defeated. And when Emma inspires a familiar face to help her and Regina return home, she discovers the power to change her fate.

Don’t miss the premiere tonight and check back after the show because I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you guys. I’m definitely looking forward to new episodes of Once Upon A Time!

Are you excited for Once Upon A Time’s return? What are your thoughts on the season so far? Hit us up in the comments below.

Once Upon A Time returns tonight at 8/7c on ABC.