American Gods Premieres April 30 on Starz

American Gods: Starz Sets April 30th Premiere

Neil Gaiman’s award-winning novel, American Gods, will finally hit STARZ on Sunday, April 30th.

American Gods - PosterThe network released a “First Look” trailer (below) months ago in time for Comic-Con last year. They’ve also teased us with a few photos, but now we’ve got the official key art guys! As a massive fan of executive-producer Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal, I am not only excited to see what he’s brought to this project but I’m curious about this story. Wikipedia tells us that, “The central premise of the novel is that gods and mythological creatures exist because people believe in them (a type of thoughtform). Immigrants to the United States brought with them spirits and gods. The power of these mythological beings has diminished as people’s beliefs wane. New gods have arisen, reflecting America’s obsessions with media, celebrity, technology, and drugs, among other things.” A God War? Hell yeah, I’m so in! I have not read the book mind you, so I’m going into this series with no expectations or knowledge of the American Gods world.

The project originally found a home at HBO in 2014, which made sense with Game of Thrones inevitably ending in a few years. However, after being unable to get the script right they passed. Starz officially greenlit the series in 2016 with Bryan Fuller as showrunner. Season 1 consists of just eight episodes, and Gaiman has said it covers the first third of the novel. “A big pivotal thing that happens to Mr. Wednesday” will likely be a season finale for either the second or third season. If the show is well received, there’s plenty of material for future seasons.

American GodsThe series stars Ricky Whittle as Shadow Moon, Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday, Emily Browning as Laura Moon, Pablo Schreiber as Mad Sweeney, Orlando Jones as Mr. Nancy and Dane Cook as Robbie among many other familiar faces. Gillian Anderson pops us as Media, while Kristin Chenoweth is Easter.

That’s a terrific cast, right? Do you plan to check out the show on April 30th? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

American Gods premieres Sunday, April 30th at 9/8c on Starz.

  • Interdimensional Dave

    One quarter of the way through the book. I better get to reading!