THE MAGICIANS - Season 2 - Summer Bishil

The Magicians: An Exclusive Chat with Summer Bishil

In part 2 of our interview with the cast of The Magicians, Summer Bishil tackles the questions Hale Appleman answered last week.

Though Margo was much more of a supporting character last season, Appleman told us she’s going to come into her own this year. The duo won’t always agree on how to rule Fillory, which should present a fair amount of tension between the besties. Appleman called Bishil a “powerhouse,” and he’s looking forward to fans seeing more from Margo. Here is Bishil’s take on stepping more into a leading role, ruling over Fillory, her favorite Season 2 episode and much more.

Okay, now go and check out the interview below…

The Magicians - Season 2

MustGeekTV: To start off, Eliot and Margo are my favorites! The Magicians really is an ensemble show. As Fillory royalty now, how is your character stepping more into leading role this season?

Summer Bishil: Thank you! This season was a dream in so many ways, one of them being having more to do. I loved discovering the layers that Margo has and going on the journey with her: of what it means to become a ruler. How she steps into the role is so impressive. She operates from instinct and is committed to Fillory instinctually. Her instincts are not always right or appropriate but they are full of passion.

MGTV: For much of Season 1, it was Eliot and Margo against the world. Nothing wrong with that, but will we see the dynamic duo gel more with the other Magicians this year?

SB: You do see Eliot and Margo come in to their own separately from each other. I got the chance to work with a lot of the members of the cast and it was really interesting, however Eliot and Margo’s bond is still very much there.

MGTV: Was there a particular performance last season where you thought, “Wow, so and so really nailed it, I am so proud of them?”

SB: Every scene I watch Hale Appleman in, I walk away thinking that of him. I have so much respect and love for that man.

MGTV: Is there a character (or actor) you didn’t get a chance to interact much with last season that you loved working with this year?

SB: I loved working with Brittany Curran, who plays Fen, she is such a wonderful addition to the cast.

MGTV: In a sense Margo has always been Queen… but is she prepared to rule Fillory as High Queen? The character’s a definite scene-stealer, I’m curious if she finds her own purpose aside from being Eliot’s bestie this year?

SB: Her purpose is to be the best High Queen she possibly can. She takes the responsibility deathly serious, and although some of her decisions are not the right ones, she is a decisive ruler.

MGTV: What’s it like to film on those gorgeous Fillory sets? You must feel like royalty. It really gives the series a completely different vibe in Season 2.

SB: Filming on the sets of Fillory especially the Throne Room really does make you feel like royalty. The sets, along with the amazing wardrobe, make my job easier and feel natural.

MGTV: Your chemistry with Hale Appleman is off the charts. Was there something (a book, band, restaurant, movie, TV show) the two of you bonded over in real life?

SB: I always felt in-tune with Hale. It isn’t work to create our bond on-screen because we share one off-screen and that is just luck.

MGTV: It’s wonderful to see the show’s fan base growing. Will you be live-tweeting the episodes? How do you feel about that direct connection with fans?

SB: I love watching people discover the show on Twitter and plan on always live tweeting. Our fans are so supportive and wonderful!

MGTV: Without giving anything away, which was your favorite episode to shoot this season? Or an episode you’re really looking forward to watching?

SB: My favorite episode to shoot this season was episode ten; it was challenging from a character perspective.

MGTV: Here’s a quick fan question from Joe Kautz of Lake Charles, Louisiana…
“If you could use one magic spell that your character uses in the show in real life, what would it be and why?”

SB: I would probably choose something boring and practical like making great food without the hassle of cooking, preparation and cleanup!

The Magicians airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Syfy.