THE EXPANSE -- "Static"

The Expanse Review: War Is Coming

After an action-packed two hour premiere, The Expanse followed up with a slower-paced hour that shed some light on the protomolecule.

That opening shot, as the camera tracked the missiles that destroyed Deimos was brilliant. Talk about getting down and dirty, allowing us to experience war first hand. Needless to say, Bobbie and her team were not pleased by Earth’s actions.

It was interesting to hear Avasarala mention that while our planets were named after Greek gods, Deimos was merely a representation of the fear that comes with war. The word itself means “dread” in Greek and though he was the son of Ares and Aphrodite, he never appeared as an actual character in Greek Mythology. Mars’ moons, Deimos and Phobos, were discovered in 1877 by Asaph Hall III. The fact these are real moons makes Avasarala’s fear of losing our own moon quite horrifying… Nevermind Errinwright talking about wiping Mars from our sky. Some people are just plain trigger happy. It’s a good thing folks like Chrisjen Avasarala are around to serve as the voice of reason.

THE EXPANSE -- "Static"
Courtesy of Syfy

Clearly Holden was going to be pissed at Miller for shooting mad scientist Dresden in the head. How frustrating to lose the one man that held so many answers, right? Seriously, “Just a guy that needed to go down” Miller called him. Dresden wasn’t just some guy, he was the brains of the protomolecule experiment. In a way, removing the scientist means our heroes will have to fumble through events without any real answers. That will create some intense drama.

Miller was so damn nonchalant about the whole thing too. The guy is such a dick and Thomas Jane plays him masterfully. “He’s had a tough day” Miller said mocking Holden. I’m surprised Johnson wasn’t as upset, though he did order Miller off Tycho Station. The character is vital to the story, so obviously he wasn’t going anywhere just yet. He did get a chance to mope a bit, bonding with Amos and Diogo (Andrew Rotilio) which was fun. I’m really enjoying that the young Belter’s been given more to do this season. He’s like an annoying kid brother. The fascinating thing was, there was music coming out of Eros? Having read the book, I know what’s going on but I won’t spoil it here.

THE EXPANSE -- "Static"
Courtesy of Syfy

At the start of the episode, I had forgotten Miller and his team managed to capture one of Dresden’s scientists. Cortazar (Carlos Gonzalez-Vio) proved himself slightly unstable, but he definitely had crucial information about the protomolecule. How do you reach a guy with zero empathy? You appeal to his scientific nature like Amos did, or course. Cortazar claimed Julie Mao’s not dead, but “Becoming.” Ah… becoming what? Whether or not he has the knowledge to formulate a vaccine is now irrelevant, because Eros must be destroyed. Hearing the man talk of Dresden made me question Miller’s decision even more. I mean, I get that the guy was a mass murderer. However, he did seem to be working to protect humanity from an alien threat. Whether all this pans out remains to be seen.

Alex spent the hour beating himself up over his mistakes during the raid, while Naomi blew off some steam with Johnson’s second in command. Loved the music by the way! It’s important to simply hang with our characters from time to time.

Bobbie was pissed Mars was not retaliating, which was understandable. I do think she was out of line hitting the Earth-born marine. It was unacceptable, even though they all made up in the end. I want to spend some real time with Bobbie and her crew. This bickering was kind of pointless.

Avasarala’s spy got her a secure channel to Fred Johnson. It was shocking to hear her admit her words about him were all lies. Wow, if that transmission were ever intercepted there’s no doubt she’d hang for treason. However, reaching out to him was worth the risk. War is brewing and I doubt she could live with herself without attempting to diffuse the tension between Earth and Mars. What’s Johnson got that Avasarala can use? I think I’m going to go back and rewatch the series premiere.

Final thoughts…

Though this was a more laid-back installment, tons of important details about the protomolecule were revealed. Like Game of Thrones, the dialogue is so captivating you don’t need an action sequence each week. The thing “learns,” which I’m sure will prove deadly to some of our heroes. Miller’s plan to use The Nauvoo to take out Eros will probably be the focus of the next few installments. That means, hold on to your butts because the action stuff is coming! Share your thoughts with me below, and see ya back here next week.

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The Expanse airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Syfy.

  • catdrag0n

    Mormons will be pissed. Good episode. Calmer than last week. Amos really shines.