The Expanse Season 2

The Expanse’s Interplanetary Tension Returns Tonight

Ready to catch up with the crew of the Roci? Can they stop the Protomolecule that’s threatening our very existence? The Expanse continues tonight!

No series on television looks and feels more like a feature sci-fi film than The Expanse. The visual effects on this baby are insane , with an intricate and sophisticated story to match. For years after the Battlestar Galactica reboot went off the air, fans were begging for a new show as epic in scale as Ronald D. Moore’s classic re-imagining. Well, I’m here to tell you that The Expanse not only delivers, but surpasses BSG as the space opera for a new generation. It is a completely original story with massive stakes, and the science is as close to reality as it gets. You can easily imagine this is what life will be like two hundred years in the future.

Along with all the technological advances, mankind’s selfishness and corruption remains intact. Of course we’re at war… Why wouldn’t we be?

James S. A. Corey has published six books so far, with another three on the way. There are also several novellas out, that take place between the longer novels. So, the good news is there’s plenty of material to keep this series on the air for at least nine seasons. The not so great news, is that The Expanse is expensive and the first season’s ratings were not spectacular. We MustGeekTV viewers wanted this show, and Syfy delivered. Now it’s up to us to not only tune in LIVE on Wednesday nights, but tell our friends how great the series is. Tonight’s 2-hour premiere will air with limited commercials, so the network is even easing up on the traditional advertising model. How annoying is it to watch The Walking Dead and get 5 minutes of the show, then 4 to 5 minutes of commercials?

Check out Syfy’s official episode summaries…

In part one, James Holden and crew deal with the aftermath of their escape from Eros. In part two, Holden and crew stage a dangerous raid in search of information about the protomolecule.

The Expanse Returns Tonight at 10/9c on Syfy. Look for our review after the show!