The Flash - Season 3 Episode 10

The Flash Review: Saving Iris

Isn’t it strange The Flash writers spent the first half of this season teaching Barry a tough lesson courtesy of Flashpoint, only to have him mess with time again to save Iris. Maybe it’s just me. What do you think?

The Flash - "Borrowing Problems from the Future"
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It’s not that he should accept Iris’ fate, which HR believes is fixed, but at some point he’s got to learn from his past mistakes. Perhaps the writers should ease up on the time travel deaths, or at the very least make one of them stick. I know I know, the little things the team are going to change won’t have a massive effect on the timeline. I just prefer the multiverse option as a storytelling device, instead of repeating the same time travel scenarios with different characters.

Barry and Iris in bed were so damn cute. How amazing was their new pad? Stylish eh? You just want them to live happily ever after and start a family. Unfortunately, there’s not much drama in that. Unless of course, you’re This is Us on NBC (which I love). Since Barry is never happy for long, it seems a terrible outcome is inevitable. Do you think the creative team have a Laurel Lance-type fate in store for Iris? Plucking a new Iris from an alternate Earth just won’t do. Man, I’ll be pissed if they pull that same crap on this show.

Anyway, the Flash/Kid Flash team up was cool. I loved those two working together. The two suits, one mannequin equals conundrum line by Cisco was hilarious. I get that Barry was worried Morillo/Plunder’s arrest might lead to Iris’ death, but he was definitely a dick with Wally. Now that he’s figured out Wally’s an asset, I’m hoping its smooth sailing moving forward. Everyone’s been holding the kid back long enough. Let him do his thing, you know? Did Morillo/Plunder pop up in the midseason finale? It’s been so long I don’t remember. How about Greg Grunberg? Looks like he’s going to be a real jerk on this show.

The Flash - "Borrowing Problems from the Future"
Photo courtesy of The CW

I’m going to skip over HR’s whole Star Labs Museum thing, because unless it’s going to be The Flash Museum, I’m not sure where they’re going with that stuff. I’ll admit hologram Cisco was amusing, but I find this particular iteration of Harrison Wells exhausting and they gave him a Segway. What?!? Tom Cavanagh is amazing so that’s not a dig at him. It’s just that the character is always “on” and needs a ton of attention. Hopefully next season Earth-2 Wells returns, or we spend a nice chunk of the season on that alt-Earth. I will say, HR’s domino explanation was sensational. Since Iris was not meant to die in the original timeline, as Barry’s mother was, I guess they can get away with adjusting a few dominoes here and there.

Preventing Caitlin from becoming Killer Frost is definitely up there on the list. While it seems she’s taken a liking to Julian, it was odd that she invited him to join Team Flash. That’s absolutely something you discuss with everyone before making the offer. The snowflake necklace’s a cute alternative to those ugly bracelets. As for Julian, I don’t trust the guy and he’s been so freakin’ annoying all season it’s hard to get past that. Sure, giving second chances is a huge theme of the show. I simply can’t help feeling like he’s going to turn on the team at some point. He’s a wildcard.

Ultimately, Cisco “vibed” Barry to the day of Iris’ murder and they spied all the events that must be changed. Kid Flash taking down Plunder was just the first step. I wasn’t sure what to make of HR taking aim at Savitar with a rifle. Was that a sign the future had already been altered, or is he the one that kills the Speed God? Gypsy joins the fun next week, and she can open portals at will. Sweet! As I mentioned, visiting alt-Earths with Flash, Cisco and the team is the way to go. Will she help Vibe hone his skills?

Final Thoughts…

The introduction of Gypsy at the end of the episode seems to indicate the writers are looking to the multiverse for stories, rather than relying on the time travel element. I’ve said this in the past, The Flash Season 1 is as perfect a first season of television as it gets. The reveals were well timed, the big bad had a purpose and the writing just flowed well from beginning to end. Every season since has paled by comparison. Here’s hoping the writers rooms sits down next year and plots out a 22-episode arc that works in the same way. “Borrowing Problems from the Future” was a decent step in the right direction. It basically set up the events of the rest of the season. Now we just need to see how everything plays out.

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  • Interdimensional Dave

    It’s not you Hank. The “Don’t mess with the past but it’s ok to frak with the future” is a bit strange. Your thoughts on keeping things multi-dimensional are a lot more on the mark for this show. Let’s hope they heed your advice.

    I read somewhere the pendant Cisco and Julian made for Caitlin is like the one Killer Frost wears in the comics. Nice! At first I thought it was a cute gesture but it seems there is a lot more behind it. I expect a bad turn for this.

    “Bummer Barry” is getting tiresome isn’t he? What a relief to let Iris in on his sad little secret. I hate it when they drag things like that across the length of a season.

    Here’s a theory, since Joe is the only one who doesn’t know Iris is going to die, he’ll be the one that changes the future. Of course he’ll find out! He may even keep it a secret he knows. Since Team Flash won’t know of his involvement they won’t screw up the time line that actually saves Iris.