Supergirl - Season 2 Episode 9

Supergirl Review: The Dominators Resurface

The best line of the entire hour was Supergirl saying “Aw man, I hate these guys” when the Dominator walked into the room.

Supergirl - Season 2 Episode 9
Photo courtesy of The CW

I honestly wasn’t expecting this installment to tie-in with the epic “Invasion” multi-show crossover. The fact most of the action took place on another planet should have been a hint. Anyway, not only was it a nice surprise, but the alien’s actions and that regal bow leave no doubt Mon-El is the prince of Daxam. Let’s be honest, it made little sense from the get-go that he was “royal guard.” While the whole “brat prince” thing is a unique angle, its made it difficult to warm up to the guy. Don’t get me wrong, I think Chris Wood’s charisma is actually what’s making Mon-El work. He’s just behaved like such a spoiled punk all season, it’s going to be tough seeing him suit up and fight crime. I hope it doesn’t come across as goofy or campy. His costume better kick ass too or it’s over before its begun.

Let’s get some of the stuff that didn’t work out of the way. Guardian needs to disappear, as a character and story arc. While I understand giving Jimmy a more active role, this idea was a misfire. Not to mention being Guardian’s sidekick puts Winn constantly in danger. I hate when smart characters do dumb shit. Like Winn knocking the guy out with the van door, only to get his ass beat the next minute. Still, crossing the portal did help boost his confidence which was the whole point. Kara’s new boss, Snapper Carr, is just terribly irritating. Whenever he’s on screen, I’m reminded of how much I miss Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart). Here’s hoping Flockhart makes a few more appearances next year. Okay, so now we know Snapper is using “tough love” to unlock Kara’s potential. He’s just no fun to watch, and the Cat/Kara dynamic was one of my favorites of the first season. I was excited to see Roulette again, what a shame the writers gave her zero to do.

Supergirl - Season 2 Episode 9
Photo courtesy of The CW

What worked? Well, pretty much everything else. Alex and Maggie are adorable as a couple. After spending the night, I was surprised by their little squabble. I hope the writers nurture the relationship, rather than have them bicker and make up each week. The series is at its best when the girls are the focus. This arc is an important one and it needs to be handled properly. Supergirl is also at its best when it deals with alien threats. That’s what separates it from Arrow, The Flash and Legends. I loved visiting an alien world, and having Kara lose her powers yet still save the day.

Interestingly, I read that Kevin Smith was unsure he was the right guy for the job, but man he killed this episode. I had a feeling it was going to be memorable and I was not disappointed. The portal, the space ships, aliens, the pop-culture references to Stargate and Star Trek. Winn shouting “I am not a red shirt” was absolutely priceless. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg is a massive Doctor Who fan, and boy did “Supergirl Lives” feel like we were in the Whoniverse. I kept waiting for the Doctor to pop up at any moment. In a way, it was sad to see Kara destroy the portal’s control panel because now we can’t go back. However, since we know this technology exists in the Arrowverse, I’m pretty sure we’ll be visiting other worlds on the show. Pretty please Greg, Andrew and team… take us out to space more often. What did you think? Go ahead and share your thoughts below.


I was late to the party, but fell in love with Supergirl while binge-watching the first season on Netflix. This season, it has become one of my favorite Arrowverse shows second only to The Flash. The cast is delightful and the writing is solid. Sure, we get an occasional campy villain every now again, but the show’s strengths outweigh its flaws. “Supergirl Lives” was a riveting hour of television and a definite win for Mr. Smith. Honestly, he can’t return to direct another episode soon enough.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.

  • Interdimensional Dave

    You know what Hank, I thought for a moment the writers were going to get a little too treacly with the relationship between Alex and Maggie. Fortunately they managed to pull back from the saccharin overload by the end of the episode. It’s a great relationship and I know the twitter-verse is in love with them

    Speaking of them, they seemed to set the theme of the show. How to deal with having your “powers” taken away from you. Or at least facing your own personal kryptonite. Alex and her insecurities. Winn and his fear of the field. Mon-El and his secrets. Certainly Kara and the red sun. All of them found themselves in a weakened state. Even J’onn not being able to rescue Kara. If only we got to see Jimmy without Winn! That would have knocked the chip off his shoulder.

    One last note. I’m starting to think Maggie is a future red shirt. Imagine the twitter-verse if something happens to her.