Colony - Season 2 Episode 1 "Preoccupation"

Colony Review: The Flashback We’ve Been Waiting For

Frakkin’ finally! Colony’s Season 2 premiere took us back to the day of the Occupation. I waited for this flashback all of Season 1.

My issue with Carlton Cuse shows, is that the guy tends to drag out an arc until everything in-between feels like filler. When The Strain’s second season began, I had this sneaking suspicion the characters were going to spend the entire damn season searching for the Occido Lumen. That’s exactly how things went down and frankly by the fourth episode I was bored.

Colony - Season 2 - Will and Katie Bowman
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Colony suffered from this type of storytelling as well. We barely met a “Host” (nowadays this feels like I’m talking about Westworld) and in the finale the resistance didn’t even manage a peek into the alien’s suit. Are they aliens or future humans? Okay so “The Factory” is on the moon… Cool! In reality, all we got were the evil HAL 9000-type drones shooting shit up. Sure, I understand protecting the show’s big mystery; the invaders. Revealing them too soon would spoil the fun and follow shows like “V” too closely. However, a quick flashback to the wall crashing into Los Angeles would have satisfied most sci-fi fans. After all, Colony is about an alien invasion, right?

Well, watching Josh Holloway’s expression as those massive partitions landed and locked into place was priceless. Just like that, the series clicked in my mind. Somehow, everything that didn’t quite work in the first season was forgiven and I realized Season 2 was going to give us some serious science fiction. In the creative team’s defense, the fact we spent so much time with the Bowman family in Season 1 is the reason we’re back for more. We are invested in Will, Katie, Bram, Gracie and even Charlie who we never met last year. Wasn’t it great to finally see him interact with his family? I will say, the Charlie arc reminds me of Falling Skies’ Ben Mason (Connor Jessup). Only from what we’ve seen so far, Charlie doesn’t have an alien appendage mounted on his back. That’s a plus.

I loved the introduction of Will’s partner Devon (Carolyn Michelle Smith) and learning her story. The fact things come full circle and he meets her again in the closing moments was slightly predictable, but it worked. Unfortunately, the character probably won’t be around too long. Those “ex-partner” types we kinda grow to love are usually the first to go.

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Broussard (Tory Kittles) is a character I was fascinated with straight away. The scenes in the premiere that humanized him and allowed for a smile were wonderful. The way he held his sick mother’s hand killed me. I was dreading the upcoming invasion because we learned in Season 1 that she died that night. The writers not only gave us that tragic moment, but we got a chance to see Broussard and Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) reconnect in the past. That scene at the Yonk helped forge the bond Broussard and Katie shared moving forward.

Proxy Snyder’s involvement in the Occupation was fleshed out brilliantly as well. The guy seemed like such a screw up, you couldn’t help wonder why he was chosen. Well now we officially know how he became a Collaborator. His first meeting with a Host was eerie. As was learning about the list of 1,200 important people charged with “rebooting society.” Of course his daughter hated him, he left her mother behind when forced to chose one of them. Peter Jacobson is fantastic as Snyder, here’s hoping the writers have some decent material for him this season. I also hope Carl Weathers returns. Don’t you?

Colony - Season 2 - Proxy Alan Snyder
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The moment LA powered down was terrifying and a crucial event in the history of this series. To think soon we’ll have a wall going up near the Mexican border in real life is mind-boggling. TV and Movies are a reflection of the times, and this series could not be more well-timed. Man, we humans don’t learn… do we? Anyway, all the little revelations or pieces of the puzzle falling into place made me realize the creative team has a solid plan. They are not just winging it, which is what some of the first season felt like to me.

It doesn’t happen often, but I felt like I was experiencing Colony through fresh eyes. This episode is actually a perfect jumping off point for new viewers. It’s a “reboot” of sorts. I recommended to a few folks catching Episode 201 “Eleven.Thirteen,” then going back to binge Season 1 on Netflix. So many important moments took place in this premiere. It was just jam-packed with answers to questions we were left frustrated by after the finale last March. Bravo writers! You’ve won me over. I am a Colony convert, and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this season.


Strong writing and key revelations of the events that took place on Occupation day, made for one of the best installments of the series by far. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the first season but Colony was more of a “DVR” show then. I have a feeling this year I will not only be tuning in live on Thursday nights, but I’ll be at the edge of my seat the entire time.

Colony airs Thursdays at 10/9c on the USA Network.