Colony Season 2

Colony Returns Tonight With A Phenomenal Premiere

If the Colony Season 1 finale left you high and dry as far as answers… prepare yourself for a flood of revelations!

The first season was basically setup and getting to know the Bowman family. This year, I hear the sci-fi elements are moving to the forefront, which should make MustGeekTV fans happy. At the end of last year, Will had crossed over into Santa Monica with Snyder’s help. How long will it be before he catches up with Charlie? Will the father and son be reunited? Meanwhile, Bram was arrested in the tunnels under the wall. Katie will be struggling with the fact her eldest son has been taken away as well. Not to mention the fact Gracie’s being brainwashed by her nanny. It seems like things are going to get a lot worse before the family can come together for their happy ending. Yeah, it’s going to get gloomy this season.

What’s the resistance’s next move? Is there a place for ex-Proxy Snyder after disappointing the Hosts? Are the invaders really aliens? Tune-in to find out.

Check out USA’s official description below…
USA Network’s COLONY returns for Season 2 when mysterious intruders are still in control of a near-future Los Angeles. In an effort to get their son back, Will (Josh Holloway, “Lost”) has been cooperating with the Collaborators and now knows about his wife Katie’s (Sarah Wayne Callies, “The Walking Dead”) alliance with the Resistance. With her secret out, and now finding themselves on opposite sides of the battle, have they jeopardized any hope of reuniting their family?

Colony airs Thursdays at 10/9c on the USA Network. – Look for our review after the show.