Class - Coming to BBC America in 2017

Class: Coming 2017 to BBC America

Will the new teen-friendly Doctor Who spinoff Class live up to the hype? I can’t help but wonder why a YA version of Doctor Who is necessary. Has the show become so unappealing to tweens under Capaldi that we need hormonal youngsters who deal with alien threats? I mean, that’s what the Doctor does, right?

Still, I plan to keep an open mind when the series premieres next year. After all, it’s just eight episodes with Capaldi popping up in the pilot. Steven Moffat executive produces, while Patrick Ness is the creator and writer. Perhaps they’re just trying to inject new life into and expand the brand since Torchwood didn’t quite work out. Will Class?

The first season has already aired in England to mostly positive reviews.

Class is coming to BBC America in 2017. Possibly alongside the Doctor himself.