Welcome to MustGeekTV.com

You might be asking yourself… do we really need another TV blog? Well, if you’ve ever felt frustrated that your favorite entertainment site covers “reality TV” or talent shows, bombards you with endless annoying pop up ads and misses those important updates on the latest cool new genre show? Then MustGeekTV.com is the site for you! With so many amazing scripted shows out there and casts/crews excited to discuss them, there’s no reason the Kardashians, the Apprentice or the latest Bachelor still dominate the headlines.

Also, comment sections are great, but they don’t exactly allow you to connect with the stars of your favorite TV series. Here at MustGeekTV.com we promise to give fans the opportunity to submit questions when interviews are announced, so that we can ask the best two or three on your behalf. The goal is to make this website a truly interactive experience and bring together GeekTV fans from all over the interwebs. Spread the love and welcome to MustGeekTV!