The Magicians - Season 2 Cast

The Magicians Returns January 25

Ready to return to Fillory in exactly one month? How did our heroes survive The Beast’s attack? Penny’s hands… eeek! Will they ever manage to defeat him? And what of Julia’s insane team up with the fiend himself?

Whatever awaits our young heroes in The Magicians Season 2, they’re going to have to sharpen their newbie skills to save the magical world itself.

The Magicians was another of Syfy’s surprise break-out hits of 2016, averaging 1.7 million viewers across its first three episodes. The series premiere was sampled more than 6.7 million times during its pre-linear launch (January 8 to January 25) across and select partner sites, as well as On Demand cable, satellite and telco TV platforms. Haven’t watched it yet? Binge it now at:

Syfy’s official description is as follows…
In the Season 1 cliffhanger, Quentin Coldwater’s childhood bestie Julia betrayed her friends and made a dangerous deal with The Beast that left the fate of Alice, Eliot, Margo and Penny hanging in the balance. Rest assured, they have survived…for now. When Season 2 returns, these novice magicians are immersed in the enchanted world of Fillory and thrust into an even more perilous, dark, and twisted journey to save the existence of magic.

Adapted from Lev Grossman’s New York Times best-selling trilogy, THE MAGICIANS returns with Jason Ralph as Quentin Coldwater, Stella Maeve as Julia, Olivia Taylor Dudley as Alice, Hale Appleman as Eliot, Arjun Gupta as Penny and Summer Bishil as Margo. Also reprising their roles for Season 2 will be series regulars Rick Worthy as Dean Fogg and Jade Tailor as Kady.

The Magicians Season 2 Premieres January 25 on Syfy
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