The Flash - Season 3 Episode 10 Promo

The Flash Returns January 24

Yes, Barry has consistently messed with time, altering the lives of his friends and family. When The Flash returns on January 24 with “Borrowing Problems From the Future,” how will the Scarlet Speedster begin to correct his mistakes and save Iris? Universe… cut the guy some slack, will ya?

The Flash raced to its highest rated episode of the season, as well as the most watched episode (4.09M) in almost two years with the “Invasion” crossover. Starting Tuesday, January 24 the series pairs up with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow which moves to its new time at 9/8c.

How do you feel about Season 3 so far, guys? Disappointed at all that “Flashpoint” was a very loose adaptation of Geoff Johns’ comics arc? Are Doctor Alchemy and Savitar better villains than Zoom? Hit the comments to share your thoughts.

The second half of The Flash Season 3 begins Tuesday, January 24 on The CW!
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